“It’s only one string but I rock it.”

March 13th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

I’m gonna be a Guitar Hero!

After playing Guitar Hero every other day for a couple weeks and failing at 98% on Bark at the Moon (Expert) I had just about given up, even though it was the only song I had left to pass in Career Mode (I only played BatM occassionally–it hurts). Well my friend from the Navy has been here on leave this month, so I got him addicted too. Just to show him how insane it gets on Expert, I played BatM, not expecting to actually pass it, especially since I’m way out of practice. I was even explaining it while I was playing–“See, it’s really tempting to use star power right here, but you really shouldn’t, because this isn’t even the hard part!” Maybe it was because I was a bit more relaxed this time, but I was finally able to pass it! We both screamed joyful obscenities really loudly when I did because my “rock meter” was completely in the red (i.e., zero “health” left). Terrible score, only a three star review, but I’ll take it. Considering they’ll probably double the difficulty in the sequel, I probably can’t stay happy for too long.


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Here’s a screenshot of what happens after you win. You may have already read about it online, but don’t click if you don’t want to know:


5 Responses to ““It’s only one string but I rock it.””

  1. miffy495 says:

    Damn you, my record is 97% on BatM. So close. My only question: Can the Grim Ripper use the unlocked?

  2. Tommy Gun says:

    Edit: Sorry, I’m an idiot. For whatever reason I was thinking of the Scythe, which is his default guitar. It won’t let you switch. So no, he can’t use it.

  3. Mansfield Hot says:

    How long did it take you to master the game on Expert?

  4. Tommy Gun says:

    Well it was probably took about a month to get good enough to pass most of the expert songs, since I was just learning it (and didn’t play 5 hours a day or anything). I beat Guitar Hero 2 on expert in 3 days, though. But I’m still far from mastering it.

  5. Woah, battle axe loooks freaking nice. I’m too much of a loser and didnt even get guitar hero, i think i might get it. Scratch that, I know i might get it.