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May 7th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

If you’ve read my little bio, you know that I co-own a yo-yo store. You also know that I love Psychonauts. After getting some stuff from the Double Fine store, I noticed they just got yo-yos! I wrote them back to thank them for the stuff I got, and also:

Email to Double Fine, 5/1/06:

By the way, in the description of the 2HB yo-yo it says they were originally used as weapons, but that’s not true, it’s just a myth. I know most people won’t care, but I thought I’d mention it. It kind of irks people in the yo-yoing community.

Well today I was reading their news page and saw this (bold italics mine, click on the thumbnail to see the full post):

Friday, Cinco de Mayo, 2005 — (they meant 2006)

doublefinenews_050506.gifSince our last post, some helpful readers have tried to inform us that Yo-Yos were never actually used as weapons, as we had claimed in our Yo-Yo product description. Luckily, it was just this one guy, and even more lucky was the fact that I was up in a tree branch when he said it, and he was standing right below me, so I was able to quickly Yo-Yo him to death.

Yes! I was almost indirectly mentioned in the news section on Double Fine! Life just keeps getting sweeter, my friend. I knew this pointless yo-yo knowledge would come in handy one day….

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