Fable: The Lost Chapters — The choice is yours…sort of.

June 21st, 2006 by Tommy Gun

fableLC_1.jpgI beat the game last week. The original content took me just under ten hours, and the whole game took about 13 hours, which is really short for an RPG, and even short for a regular game. I did avoid a lot of the side-quests (didn’t really interest me, although I did get married twice, and totally scored like four times!), and there were plenty of other things to do — find all the silver keys, open all the demon doors, etc. Then obviously you can play through multiple times and try to be 100% evil, 100% good, a pure mage, a pure archer, etc.

The length of the game didn’t bother me, I actually like shorter games. I have literally shelves of games I haven’t played yet, and I don’t have the time to play tons of 60-hour games. It should be noted that they easily could have made the game longer in a lot of cheap ways, which is what a lot of games do. For instance, Fable lets you press a button (from anywhere) to teleport to another town or location. They could have forced you to actually run back to the town teleports, and that would have added time. I’m glad they didn’t. A lot of games make you backtrack all over the place picking up stupid items, just to extend the game. I’d much rather have a short game of content than a long game of filler. Although with that said, the story could have been better.

A lot of people were disappointed with Fable because of all the hype Peter Molyneux created around it before its release (back when it was called Project Ego). I didn’t follow the game until close to its release, so I avoided most of that. I also didn’t play the original, I went straight to The Lost Chapters, so that helps too. Still, there were some disappointments for me (some of which are true for a lot of games):

Good or Evil?
This is the big idea behind the game. You have “alignment” to good or evil — do good deeds and everyone will love you, steal and kill people and you will be hated and feared. That’s all true, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that it’s not really beneficial to play one way or the other, and the game is pretty much the same either way. I played as “good,” mostly. I didn’t steal things from people’s houses, or kill innocents, etc. Eventually I realized that a lot of the items in the game are in people’s houses, so I was actually missing stuff by not stealing! You get tons of stuff for free by stealing, and nothing really bad happens to you either. If you get caught you have to pay a small fine, or just leave the town for a few minutes and all will be forgotten.
Play as any class?
By using different abilities, you’ll automatically gain experience points and be able to upgrade those things. The three are: Strength (melee), Skill (archery), and Will (magic). In general, I think magic rocks, so normally I would upgrade that completely and be a mage. However, it doesn’t really work that way. First off, you have limited magic power (nothing new about that), but there’s no limit on using your melee weapons (or arrows, for that matter). Right off the bat you have a disadvantage. Second, it’s really weak at first. You have lightning from the start, but it takes forever to kill anyone! It’s much easier to just take them down with your sword. Third, most of the time you’re fighting multiple enemies, so you can’t just sit there and wait for someone to die from lightning, they will crowd you. The same problem makes archery pretty useless. Fourth (whew), it’s definitely in your best interest to upgrade your health and other physical traits as much as possible, and to do so, you need to use your melee weapons to gain experience. Magic is good as a supplement, like using “Force Push” to knock enemies away while you slash at them. So although it’s possible to be any of those classes, most people will probably end up the same.

In retrospect, I really should have bought “Enflame” and “Slow Time” early on, as those spells are really good. You certainly can play as a pure mage, but unless you’ve already played the game or read an FAQ, you really wouldn’t know what to upgrade, and that’s kind of my point. Melee weapons have a damage rating, so you know exactly how strong they are and what’s the best. Not so with magic.

Customize your appearance?
You can get all sorts of clothes, tattoos, and haircuts to change your character. Sound good? Well…it’s pretty obvious you’ll want to wear the strongest armor you have. Why would you run into a battle shirtless just so your character looks cool? You probably wouldn’t. Most people will find the same strong armor (with helmet). You won’t see your tattoos, and you won’t even see your face/hair when you’re wearing the helmet. Again, most people will end up looking the same, despite what the developers claimed, unless you really go out of your way. I saw a video someone uploaded showing a glitch in the game, and their character looked exactly like mine.

The menus are slow and annoying (many tiers to go through), so it’s really not worth changing your clothes back and forth when you’re in a town. I wish they would have at least put in a customizable “outfits” menu (with hotkey), so you can change from user-set “battle” gear to “town” clothes quickly, for instance.

The “young” years are too short!
One of the things that intrigued me the most about this game was the whole “revenge” aspect to it. You start out as a kid and your town is destroyed, but you’re too weak to do anything about it. Throughout the game you grow stronger and older, and face your old enemies. At least, that was the idea. In truth, you only play as a kid for about ten minutes! Then you get to the Heroes’ Guild, go through training (tutorial), and emerge as an adult. I was really hoping they wouldn’t jump through time so much. I wanted the game to have you play as a kid for HOURS, doing quests, making friends, making enemies, learning skills. Then once you’re older, you’ll be able to take down those familiar enemies, marry the girls you knew as a child, and so on. There was a girl you helped out as a kid, and when you come back to the town as an adult you meet her again…and then she’s gone. I looked around town and couldn’t find her living anywhere (although it’s possible I just missed her). I wanted to try to marry her, but I never saw her again.
The characters aren’t very well developed
There are various other characters in the game who you see from time to time, but really not all that much. Even though the game is short, they could have had the other characters with you on more of the quests at least. Your sister in the game is very cool, I wish she played a larger role. She…[SPOILER]…was kidnapped as a child and wouldn’t tell the captors where you were, she just stared at them. Because of this, they cut out her eyes. When you meet up with her later she walks around with a blindfold on, but she’s partly psychic, so she’s actually a good warrior and she senses your presence. She’s an interesting character…but you only see her for a few minutes throughout the whole game.
Hero Save glitch!
This is just a word of warning to anyone who hasn’t played the game yet but is going to — don’t “Hero Save” more than ten times (through the whole game) or it will corrupt your saved game! Just World Save instead, I didn’t Hero Save at all. You really shouldn’t need to, there are other quick ways of leveling up.

Okay, enough about the bad parts of the game. I actually really liked it, I just wanted more. Here are a couple of my experiences that stood out (a lot of other people probably did the same things):

Screw you and your little bar games.
At one point you can’t get into this one camp without a pass. There’s a guy in the tavern who will give you one if you win his “guess the addition” game. It’s a memory game, but the objects are 3D and change places and the direction they’re facing after each round, so it’s hard to even see what they are! On top of that, it’s timed, so you can’t look very closely. I played it three or four times, and got to the final round twice, but lost. It was just lame, and I didn’t want to do it…so I killed the guy instead and took the damn pass. I would have paid him for it, if he’d let me. It’s his fault. Really. (It turns out there was a different guy who was selling one. Oh well.)
After I beat the game I just played around in the game for a while. You can buy houses and stores if they’re available. Well, one night I went into a town and just started killing everyone. I smashed down doors and murdered whole families while they were sleeping. (How do you like that, J.T.?!) Each time, the screen popped up a message saying, “a new store has just become available for purchase!” Haha. Guards get sent after you of course, but at this point I was so powerful and had so much gold it was easy to kill everyone and buy all the houses and stores. In the end no one was left in the town, and I owned around ten stores. Next: the world.

Okay…well I guess both of those involved killing innocent people. Hmm. Maybe I should have played the game as Evil.

17 Responses to “Fable: The Lost Chapters — The choice is yours…sort of.”

  1. Molly says:

    Okay, I was wondering. When you finish teh game you can go back to heros gulid but rocks are blocking the doors! You know the demon door in the heros guild that says it cant be opended until you pick your path of darkness or light. Well hello! You didnt really choose your path until teh end when you either kill your sister or throw the sword away! Now you cant go back to the heros gulid and open that door. Is there any other way to get threw herso guild? Or possible break teh rocks down? I’m dissapointed. Ohh and how come my wuest thing in herso guild will not work. I cant even do quests now! Help me please. E-mail thew answers to me at : smskater559@aol.com

  2. Bryce says:

    Actually all you have to do is have your lamp turned on to open it… good or bad has nothing to do with it… and after you beat it if you let the credits play all the way through you can continue to play just dont hit the skip this scene button

  3. shaun says:

    thanks to molly for ruining the end of the game -.-

  4. Padraic says:

    Haha nice one about Jack Thompson.I did the same thing(killed an entire town)in Oakvale,it’s fun. So if anybody needs to ask a few questions about fable/fable:the lost chapters I might be able to awnser them(after all i am only 11)e-mail me at padraicscurry@hotmail.com

  5. Casper says:

    Fable rocks, finally fable 2 is coming!! cant wait

  6. Sticks says:

    If you love Fable and can help me out with TLC, can you tell me if you can beat the game good and deny Jacks mask and still play after that. Because I tried but after I beat it good I couldn’t continue playing. When I took the mask I could. But I don’t want to be bad! T^T Help please? My E-mail is Avendora623@aol.com

  7. Sticks says:

    Oh and I am so excited that they cam2 out with a new Fable 2. Fable 2 rocks!!!! XD

  8. Bruce says:

    k im like still not far into the game i jsut got the quest to see teh seer and twin blade but like up till that point ive been wearing the hooded apprentice outfit and my face has all tehse scars and scratches it appears is it cuz of taht? how do i fix my face im so fugly LOL xD

  9. Meccoy says:

    Bruce wrote:

    k im like still not far into the game i jsut got the quest to see teh seer and twin blade but like up till that point ive been wearing the hooded apprentice outfit and my face has all tehse scars and scratches it appears is it cuz of taht? how do i fix my face im so fugly LOL xD

    there is aperently no way to remove scars acording to all the forums i have been on witch i think is a realy annoying thing since all npc’s in the game just have to tell you how ugly you are… there is ways to prevent scarring tho dont know about armors and toughness if it affects it at all but physical shield is said by most to 100% prevent scaring.
    personaly i think the whole scars concept is cool but when you get to many as i said befor its anoying.
    if i meet someone “still alive” with all those scars i wouldent comment it and tell him about it for my own saftey if you know what i mean :P
    I sure hope they will do something about it tho (scars, its a part of a heros life!)

  10. Aura says:

    What happens if I kill the schoolteacher?
    Or what happens if I kill a kids parents? Do I get stuck with the kid?

  11. hachem says:

    isn’t there any way to hero save more?i’m at the hobbe killing contest and wanted to level up before starting the real deal,but i tried everything i can’t hero save anymore?

  12. LMAO says:

    Ok #1 u Can unlock that demon door basically right at the start after you get your supplies from the guild master.
    #2 u got 2/3 right strength is melee and will is magic but however skill isnt entirely just archery its sorta plays 2 parts Thief/assassin and a archer aka Accuracy and speed is basically your archery part as speed and guile would be your thief/assassin or rougue part

    This INFO/INTEL Is for Fable: The Lost Chapters. (Incase any of you are wondering what the strongest armor, melee wep, and ranged wep is here they are and how to obtain them)

    Strongest Melee Weapon is: Solus Greatsword (This is heavyweight and many may choose to go with sword of aeons or avos tear becuase they are stronger then an master weapon and thier lightweight, however solus is the only weapon that deals the most damage for melee) U can get this weapon from the store in bowerstone north or from lady grey if u marry her (she’ll give u it as a gift, u gotta be nice though.

    Strongest Ranged Weapon is: Skorm’s Bow (u can olny achieve from doin this get 2 bodyguards: recommend the 1 outside the temple of avo and the 1 in the bandits camp then at midnight when the little hand is in the middle on the night part on yuor time thingy sacrifice both of them eithier on the first or secound u will get the bow however man not work the first time and u need some luck however will work better if your good(i got it on my first try on my secound sacrifice i was almost fully good (wasnt very far in game) to me it of course awards u evil points and it gave me around 647 evil wich took 1 bar of my goodness away.

    (This is the part the requires the Lost Chapters or u can not get this armour if u dont got the lost chapters then plate is the strongest on your game)

    Archon’s Battle Armour: Looks Exactly like plate except it has a helmet and is diffrent from the daemon helmet however this is the strongest armor and in the description it even says its the most strongest material known to mankind (fable mankind) (its made from a troll) lol. Anyways u can get it from a silver key chest in the Necroplolis near snowspire village it requires 25 silver keys to open (Its IN i repeat IN the necropolis across the bridgeto the left i think , pretty sure.)

    And as for buying and conqureing the world i did that when i was an evil character it was pretty fun till thier almost no1 to talk to :S

    2 more things kinda just for fun well actually 3 (In snowspire villlage in the lumber mill area thingy u will find a amyethest gem or w/e value is 1600 (diamonds or olny 800) and is said the most valuable gem in albion for fable:tlc (Its in the left lumber thing in a barell) as well is a fire assassin outfit however that is scattered threw peoples houses in snowspire

    Last thing is your aging problem i do agree is stupid how u get old rly fast however if u dont enough at the temple of avo and temple of skorm they both grant u young age as well they both grant u titles ex skorm grants u the necromancer title as well as the bow i dont know if avo grants u a wep at the temple or not but he does grant u young age and a title

    I donated 2 bodyguards to skorm and got my age after i got my bow and about 50 -80k on avo and got my age i suggest gettin your young age after u beat the game when yuor around 45-55

  13. LMAO says:

    Couple more pointers no matter if it its fable or fable:tlc…it dont matter if yuor good or bad i can on both games continue after beatinh the storyline in order to do that YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE CREDITS TILL THEY ARE DONE after thier done it will start u off at i think the guild for normal fable and outside the bronzegate for tlc.

    and if your curious for tlc about the 30 key chest its not worth it for the stats or anything rly but it would make a good addition to your legendary weapon collection.

  14. LMAO says:

    Ugh almost forgot about the scars, the 1 dud is right about the spell it will stop u from getting scars however your toughness will affect it aswell stop u from obtaining them easily

    however i like scares but thier are only certain ones i like and i kept on restarin my game till i got the ones i wanted lol, on my game though ive mastered all strength/skill and will maxed my renown alignment etc got the best armor/sword/bow (archons armor/solus/slorms bow)

    and i own the entire world played fable 2 its alot better cant wait till fable 3 i like how on fable 2 u cant die and everytime u get knocked out u get a scar so i just buy as many rez pots i can get and have lol. i LOVE my DOG on fable 2 cant belive i finally have a dog and he can do tricks :DD

  15. ANONIMO says:

    Si escoges bueno tienes que esperar que acaben los creditos si escoges malo bueno ya sabes.
    He pasado ese juego 20 veces seguidas si necesitan ayuda pregunten

  16. how do u get a evil mage robe

  17. my title is a reaper I beat fable 3 times already