Ouendan music video links updated, “Thrill” video found!

July 11th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

Ouendan.jpgUnfortunately a bunch of the videos got taken down due to copyright issues. Other people put some of them back up though, so we’ve updated the links where available. Good news though, a video that we couldn’t find a link for before is now up! If you watched all the videos when the page first went up, you haven’t seen this video! Don’t watch it if you have a headache…or epilepsy. Seriously. It’s worse than a strobe light.

Tomoyasu Hotei – “Thrill”

One Response to “Ouendan music video links updated, “Thrill” video found!”

  1. Jespaah says:

    The video is insane but a great song for oeundan! One of my favourites :)
    nothing but s-ranks on this one!