bit Generations quick reviews, and “Orbital” FAQ is up!

August 20th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

orbital_1.jpgI recently got a chance to play all of the bit Generations games (GBA imports). Some of them are not so great (Boundish, single player anyway, kinda boring Pong), while others rock (Dotstream). I had already seen footage of Dotstream, so I knew I’d like it. Basically a racing game but with some interesting twists, and tons of style, like all of the games.

Soundvoyager is amazing in that it’s one of the only games you can play with your eyes closed. I didn’t play much of it, so I don’t know if it gets boring after a while. You basically have to center the sound by pressing left or right (so you need stereo headphones). Once you “catch” that sound, it will keep playing, and a new sound will appear. It’s sort of like Frequency/Amplitude in that respect. You can close your eyes and turn off your GBA screen, and still play it (great if you’re stuck somewhere and low on battery). In fact, I was falling asleep the first time I played it, and was still winning! All of the games are very Zen-like, in music and mood.

Digidrive seems pretty complicated, I haven’t played it enough to figure it all out yet, but a lot of people are loving that one. Coloris is pretty fun if you like puzzle games. It really tests out your color perception. Dial Hex was okay, but didn’t even seem to keep score! Maybe it does once you reach a certain point.

So that brings us to the last game, Orbital. I hadn’t read anything about this before I tried it, so this one really caught me off guard. It’s awesome! So far it’s the only one I’ve actually bought. I’d like to at least get Dotstream, but I’ll either wait until I can find it cheaper, or wait and hope they release them in the US. Anyway, I liked Orbital so much I wrote a giant FAQ about it with screenshots and diagrams! Check it out:

bit Generations: “Orbital” FAQ

I’m going to try to get some more stuff up, like tips on beating specific stages. If you have anything to add, let me know!

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