Rabbit Run: Far Cry Instincts “Cliffs” level in 11 min.

September 1st, 2006 by Tommy Gun

farcryinstincts.jpgGame: Far Cry Instincts
Level: Cliffs
Developer / Publisher: Ubisoft (original game by Crytek)
Game Released: Sep 27, 2005
System: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+ (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)
Spoilers: Just level footage, no cutscenes
Length of Run: 10:47 min.
Played By: Tommy Gun

This was done on the Xbox version, but the Xbox 360 game, Far Cry Instincts Predator, is basically an upgraded port, so this run should apply there as well.


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I love this level. I love this game, despite it being way too easy as I wrote about earlier, and as you’ll see in this video. A tropical island FPS? With a hang glider? Sweet. So that’s why I made this video, just to show my favorite level of the game, and to show some vehicles and feral abilities you gain later in the game. Naturally there are spoilers, although there are no cutscenes or anything. Most of this stuff has been shown in E3 trailers anyway, and even the back of the box mentions your feral abilities. I doubt this will really ruin anything for you, but wanted to warn you anyway.

Making the Video:

After I beat the game I went back and played this level again just for fun. I realized it could be done pretty quickly, and had a lot of cool parts in it. So I practiced it a couple times, figuring it out as I went, and then filmed. Not much thought or preparation went into it (compared to the months they spend on speed runs). I got a decent run on my third try. However, there were always a few mistakes that were pissing me off (ladders, the bane of my FPS existence), and I found some other little shortcuts and cool things I wanted to include in the video. In the original run there was this long swimming sequence: At the second hang glider I went as far as I could (the rock bridge type thing), and then swam the rest of the way (ZZZZzzzz…). Well after that run I realized there was another jet ski that I could drop down to, which was faster and cooler.

So I filmed it again, but there were some more mistakes that ruined the run. One happened at the second hang glider. When I hit X to use it, it immediately hit the wall or something and fell off the building! There was also a stupid mistake involving myself, and the blowing up of. I restarted the very beginning a bunch of times just because of the stupid ATV flipping over. Watch the end of the video for outtakes.

So, after filming this whole run five or six times, changing things a bit each time, I’m happy to say this is a full single-segment run! I could have just restarted from the checkpoints when I messed up, but I knew I could do the full run and wanted to get the whole thing is one take.

About the Level:

The map is called “Cliffs.” I showed one of the quicker/cooler ways through it, using a lot of vehicles. There are actually quite a few ways to get through it. For instance, instead of taking the zipline at the beginning, you can take an ATV in the opposite direction. Instead of taking the hang glider, you can jump into the water and get a boat. You could also swim the whole way. You’ll notice a lot of checkpoints (“now saving”) in the first hang glider sequence. That’s because there are camps all up in the mountains, and also down by the water! If you take your time to explore all of those, this level can take much longer. With the hang glider you rush past all of that. I haven’t timed it, but the boat may be faster.

About the Game:

If you’ve never played it before, let me explain a few things so you’ll know what’s happening. The green gauge on the bottom left is your adrenaline. It recharges automatically, or you can get pick-ups. When it’s high, your health regenerates fairly quickly. That’s how I was able to just run past people and get hit so many times without dying. I got some health packs during the run, but I also avoided a whole lot of them — you’ll even see me skip past a bunch even though they’re only a few feet away! You don’t really need them.

Your adrenaline is used for “feral abilities,” such as the one-hit-kill melee attacks. When you see the little claw marks at the right side of the reticle, it means you can hit B to feral attack. Adrenaline is also used for “feral speed,” which is an ability gained during this level. In the video you’ll see a little note pop-up on the screen that says I gained the ability, right before I start jumping over the broken bridges. That’s how I was running so quickly and jumping so far. Because it depletes adrenaline, I worked out when to use it for coolest effect. You can see the “stance icon” right above the meter. It shows when you’re standing normally, ducking, etc., or when you’re using feral speed. It’s pretty obvious though, as your “vision” changes and everything.

Notes About the Run:

0:25 This beginning was actually one of the worst runs I did. I usually killed those guys a lot more cleanly, and the ATV looks all out of control (which it always is, but doesn’t look as bad usually).

0:38 The ATV sucks in this part. You should actually stay near the left on the first turn, then go past the other ATV and stay left again–rocks are falling towards the right and will trip you up. Or, just take your time if you’re not playing for speed.

1:07 I’ve never gotten hit with that barrel before. It triggered a lot earlier this time.

1:10 Grenades if you want them. I didn’t want to stop, and I like shooting the guy from the zipline.

1:28 Hang glider! The calm before the storm. I realize I kind of broke the “don’t be boring” rule here, and I probably should have dropped down and gotten a boat, but I love the hang glider. Like I said, I’m really not sure which is faster anyway. Feel free to skip ahead in the video to 2:50 if you don’t like it.

3:15 No auto-aim for barrels, plus blurry vision. The transmitter is messing with your head.

3:21 Take that, ground!

3:26 Normally I’d throw a grenade over the railing at the guy by the barrel, but I didn’t pick any up.

3:41 Watch out for the falling crate.

3:48 I hate ladders in FPSs. Now I’m extra careful at the top.

4:04 Stupid doorways.

4:44 You actually can’t run at full speed for this auto-jump, or you’ll hit that post. Message will pop-up saying I acquired feral speed.

5:19 You can get the health and go around the crates, or just jump them.

5:23 This part of the video is my big regret. It’s awesome with feral smell, you see streaks of orange “smoke” trailing behind everyone, but I didn’t want to waste the adrenaline. I wish I had shown it though.

5:38 This is one of the best shortcuts! Normally you’d go right and spiral down the side, fighting people. You can avoid that by aiming at the right bush and jumping. Just make sure you hit the water.

5:45 Note about vehicles: this looks like a video edit, but it’s not. You just have to be near a vehicle, even under it, and when you hit X you’ll instantly be driving.

6:24 This part can be skipped entirely, but I wouldn’t miss a chance to use the glider! Plus, I grabbed some armor on the way (other side of the box, health is visible).

6:40 It’s important to note that I picked up a rocket launcher here, to help with the boss. Normally there’s an enemy holding it, who I melee attack before taking the glider. This time he was killed by the helicopter before I was even up the ladder! You can see the explosion.

6:58 You can only take the glider to the rock bridge, so it’s much faster to drop to the jet ski.

7:25 You can jump over whole bridges, but beware the metal bump!

8:07 There’s a door on the left you can crawl under for lots of items, but that takes forever.

8:15 It’s tempting to melee attack this guy, but then I wouldn’t have enough adrenaline for the metal bridges coming up.

8:38 No reason to kill this guy, but it’s so cool! Shooting him while running is even easier. The next guy isn’t centered, so I just run past him instead of stopping.

9:14 Boss. I’ll see you in a minute.

9:28 Stupid mechanic. I’m still pissed at your friend for hitting the alarm on me.

9:56 I swapped my weapon for the dual P90s. You’ll see why in twenty seconds.

10:10 The boss…

The Boss:

(There are a couple more of these guys later on so maybe it’s not technically a boss.)

As you’ll see, I used the rocket launcher I picked up earlier to help (only has one rocket), then immediately unloaded with the dual P90s pushing him towards the barrels. I shot the barrel (at the last second), then finished him with some melee attacks. It’s possible to kill him with one rocket and only the ammo in the P90s, I did it in another run. I think maybe you just have to get more headshots.

Additional info on the Boss:

Originally I was using a different strategy. I would shoot him with the rocket, then run and get the ammo in the crate behind me, shoot him a ton more, etc. After doing that several times and then experimenting with the barrels, I realized it could be done much quicker. If you get close to him right after hitting him with the rocket, he’ll back away from you towards the barrels (otherwise he goes right). He doesn’t even seem to attack you, as long as you’re not right on him. Like I said, if done perfectly you can take him down with just the rocket/P90s, otherwise blow up the barrels, then melee. You can lure him all the way into the container with the barrels, and it will probably do more damage that way. If you didn’t get the rocket launcher you should probably do that. You can also use the mounted guns, but the boss smashes them pretty quickly so I don’t bother.


11:13 ATV! These physics can be crazy. Some of these look like I was holding left on the analog, but I really wasn’t. If you hit a bump the wrong way you go all out of control.

11:39 “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers! And you will know I AM THE LORD WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON–” Oh. Uhh…little help?

11:48 To infinity, and beyond! Beyond?

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