The Ouendan Translation Project page now up!

October 4th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

Ouendan.jpgSorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been busy on a lot of new stuff. There’s a lot of new interest in the Ouendan Translation Project, so we’ve done a lot of work and got the screenshots of the first four stages online! These are raw pics, and still need to be translated. All the info you need is on the page:

The Ouendan Translation Project!

Even if you’re not translating, there’s other stuff you can do!

One Response to “The Ouendan Translation Project page now up!”

  1. Envido32 says:

    Seaching the web I find a complete translation guide of the game made by somebody under the nickname of Ouendan_fangirl. These are located here:

    I wanted to use them for this proyect, but the link to he Raw Screenshots is broken and wasn’t able to find it nor the forum post.

    I would start editing the images as soon as I get in contact wit Ouendan_fangirl, but first I need the screenshots.