“His hair sucks!”, and other creative comments.

October 12th, 2006 by Tommy Gun
After the amazing response to the Guitar Hero videos I put up, I just wanted to take a moment to respond to some of the comments.

guitar-hero-hair.jpgPeople seem to like to comment on my hair. That’s not surprising, every time I go out someone asks me if they can touch my spikes (and I always let them). But some comments make it sound like I’m the only person on the planet with spikes! (Go to any punk show and look around. I’m not the only one!) The funniest part about it is that all the recent comments happened to be for my Guitar Hero video — now go get the Guitar Hero case and look at the cover. What’s on it? A guy with spiked hair! (See image at right. Spiked mohawk, but still.)

Anyway, to save you time, I’d like to present you with the following suggestions for next time:

  • “Whoa, windy outside?!”
  • “Just get out of bed, eh?”
  • “Was your mother a porcupine?”
  • “Shouldn’t you be back in the ring toss booth?”
  • “I bet you get great TV reception.”
  • “Tornado season already?”
  • “Hey, can I borrow your Sally’s Frequent Shopper card?”
  • “Blowfish can walk on land now, eh?”
  • “You work on a train? Looks like you’re a great conductor!”
  • “Is that a +4 Stupid Haircut Weapon?”
  • “Oh, so you’re one of those guys who chase lightning storms?”
  • “Geez, eBay does have everything…”
  • “Is that a Van Der Graaff generator in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”
  • “If your wit was half that sharp you’d need a warning label.”
  • “I thought Sonic was a hedgehog.”
  • “Hellraiser auditions are down the hall to the left, kid.”
  • “If I swung you from a chain, you’d look like a D&D weapon.”

Feel free to suggest more. Many thanks to the ES forum members for most of those.

About Our Site Updates:

When posting about my second Guitar Hero video, Kotaku added:

As an aside, why the heck does a site that updates like one time every two weeks have such a totally professional video logo?

The answer is pretty simple, actually, regarding our lack of updates:

  1. We don’t have a whole team of people posting stuff.
  2. We don’t just post links to other articles/sites — This is not a dig at news sites or blogs in any way, they’re important. I’m just pointing out that we are not a news site, therefore we create all original content, which simply takes longer, hence fewer updates.
  3. We don’t list every update. We’ve been doing lots of updates to our Ouendan content, but we don’t announce it on the front page, unless it’s really big or a new page is added.
  4. Most of all, we’re really just getting started! Even though this site has been up for nearly a year, we were working on site features and other things, so we didn’t really get going until recently. We’re trying to focus our energy on creating more videos (which take even longer), so stay tuned!

Although I have to admit I really liked ootler‘s comment:

Because he can draw, and knows how to use his time for more than just spouting crap.


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