Digidrive FAQ by Zynx!

December 7th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

digidrive.jpgZynx has written a guide for Digidrive, complete with screenshots! Digidrive is one of the bit Generations games for the Game Boy Advance (I wrote some guides for Orbital a few months ago). It’s a rather complex puzzle game, so if you’re going for the high score, be sure to read his guide!

It’s available through the guides section, or right here:


One Response to “Digidrive FAQ by Zynx!”

  1. Zynx says:

    By the way, if anyone knows of other score records, or other high score guides to this game, I’m curious to see them, please post a comment or something to point them out to me. (If they’re in Japanese or some other language, I’d appreciate a brief translation too.)