Police brutality in “Bully”

December 12th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

I’m totally addicted to Bully. In fact, I’m 35 hours into Okami, and stopped playing it because I got bored (it’s great, but just won’t end!). I can’t stop playing Bully. Now I remember why I was so hooked on GTA III. You’re always being rewarded for everything you do, and if you’re ever bored, you do something different. School classes are actually fun in this game, and really help you. It feels weird to say, “Damn, I’m late for class!” while playing a video game (although I guess if I were still in school I’d be saying it all the time while playing games).

Here’s an odd glitch that happened to me:

Immediately after completing a mission, I was grabbed by a cop. Normally they arrest you and you end up at the police station. Well the timing of it all just so happened that right as the cop tackled me to the ground, “You Passed” popped up, and the cops laid off. Well…I was still on the ground, and couldn’t do anything. I was hoping I could wait until 2am, because if you’re not in bed by then, you pass out and wake up the next morning. Nope. The clock kept going, and I was still there. You never get to see that normally (but it’s nothing interesting).

Somehow the cop’s motorcycle got on top of me, which looked really funny since Jimmy (the main character) was writhing on the ground from being tackled, so I took some screenshots.

In the end I had to just reload, which kind of sucked because I don’t save after every mission, but oh well.

I beat the game an hour after this happened — the whole game only took about 15 hours, but of course I didn’t get 100%. I did all the main stuff though, just didn’t collect all the outfits, rubberbands, etc.

You know, in all the controversy over Bully being (wrongly) called a “columbine simulator,” and reports of boy on boy kissing, there’s an important feature that got severely overlooked. What I’m referring to, of course, is Midget Wrestling (or “Little People Wrestling” if you prefer, but I’m just reading it off the sign). Do I sense a spin-off game?


Go Lightning!


Here’s what my character* looked like at the end, sporting a red spiked ‘hawk.

* Well it’s always the same character, but you can change clothes, tattoos, and hairstyles.

Here’s hoping for Bully 2. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it.


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