Rock Band (PS2 version) bundle for $150, shipped! [DEAD]

October 8th, 2007 by Tommy Gun

rockband125.jpgFor any of you who have current gen consoles (360/PS3), you’ll probably want to get those versions of Rock Band so you can take advantage of the downloadable content (of which there will be TONS). However, I still don’t have a 360 in my room yet (we have one downstairs in our living room), so I’m going to get the PS2 version (plus I already have two PS2 Guitar Hero guitars, which are compatible)(changed my mind, we bought the 360 version). The 360 version isn’t bundled with a wireless guitar anyway. Pricing was finally announced, being cheaper than most people had expected — $170 for current gen, $160 for PS2. But, you can get it a little cheaper than that:

YesAsia has the U.S. PS2 version bundle for $10 off — $150 for a guitar, the drumset, a microphone, and the game — with free shipping! I already have some credit there, so that’s where I’ll be getting it. You can pre-order it now!Price has changed.

Interestingly, the PS3 Rock Band guitars are said* to be compatible with the PS2 version, so if you buy any extra guitars, you might want to get the PS3 version. That way you can take them to a friend’s house who has a PS3, or if you eventually get a PS3 you’ll already have a guitar.

* Source: GameSpot’s podcast, The Hotspot.

9 Responses to “Rock Band (PS2 version) bundle for $150, shipped! [DEAD]”

  1. Tommy Gun says:

    Honestly, I think I’ll be able to do the whole beginning with practice — it’s not actually as hard as it looks at first. I have no idea how hard the middle will be though. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it!

  2. Rampage says:

    If and when you do can you make a video to show up the fingering.

    Also do you have any tips for HO/PO’s? I’m new to the Guitar Hero series and it just seems impossible to me to have to hold down the green while trying to hit the blue and orange and strum all together.

  3. Tommy Gun says:

    Yes — don’t hold them all down. You only have to strum the first note remember (black ring), and *you don’t have to hold down all the fret buttons* (despite what the tutorial tells you). If you’re playing GH1, don’t do HOPOs at all, it’s not worth it. They fixed them in GH2, and GH3 has an even bigger timing window (so they’re even easier).

    So basically just play them like you’d play any other notes, but don’t strum (and you should press the fret buttons slightly later since you’re hitting ON the notes rather than holding the frets before strumming). Just tap each note individually. Does that make sense? It just takes some practice, but they’re really not hard. Try doing them in practice mode, or find a slower song that has them (beginning of Free Bird is pretty good).

    As for TtFaF (the song from the video you posted): I beat it on Hard, and played it on Expert in practice mode (so I couldn’t fail) — and got 67% on my first try, haha. So I definitely have a lot of work to do. I didn’t realize it’s an *8* minute song!

  4. Rampage says:

    Thanks for the tip, good luck with Dragonforce. I beat GHIII on easy last night, I know I’m a noob, but I tried playing Dragonforce through the credits and I was terrible :) and thats on easy. Afterward I did a practice session just to see what it looked like on expert. Basically it was me staring at the screen going “Yeah right” “Thats crazy” and several other phrases of amazement. :)

  5. Tommy Gun says:

    The crazy thing is, people have already 5-starred TtFaF on Expert. There are videos on youtube.

  6. dkr says:

    Arrgg I just freaking had this bundle in the palm of my hand, it was on Amazon just a few days ago for $150 and I didn’t buy it… I’m so mad and kicking myself now….. :(

  7. Billie Buss says:

    Hey, I already have the guitars from GH and MIcs from Kareoke… is it possible to just buy the drum set seperately and then the Rock Band game… or would that cost about the same anyway??? Thanks!

  8. Tommy Gun says:

    Billie: Not until sometime in 2008. But yeah, it would still cost a lot of money, ~$80 for the drums, $50 for the game = $130. So you might as well just get the bundle with the new guitar/mic.