It’s time to ROCK! How we got Rock Band, and what’s to come.

December 1, 2007 Off By Tommy Gun

Rock BandI’ve been crazy excited about Rock Band ever since it was announced. Even after hearing about how tons of people’s guitars/drums were breaking after a few hours, I just had to get it; largely because relatives were over for the holidays, and I wanted to play it with them.

I finally got a chance to get it (on Black Friday, ugh), even though I was about to go to sleep. We ran over to Target (close by, and I called first to make sure they had it), came back, and played for four or five hours straight. After everyone left, I played a bit of the solo tour for another hour, then went to sleep. Six hours later, I heard my roommates getting home, so I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs, and we played for another five hours. It was a strange couple of days. We don’t have any Guitar Hero guitars for the 360 yet, so we only played with three people (me on drums, and my roommates switching mic/guitar).

Now we’ve “completed” the Band World Tour (BWT) mode, and some questions I had are answered, so I’m going to be posting a lot about it soon. I have been writing a huge review, but decided to break it up into multiple posts instead.

There’s a new category specifically for Rock Band, so you can always go there to find the new updates.