December 28, 2007 Off By Tommy Gun

Rock BandI finally beat the last Expert drum song. I would have done it much sooner, but the final song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” has tons of bass notes towards the end (plus we’ve been playing TONS of BWT mode). If I had a real bass pedal, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but the crappy plastic pedal just wears your leg out so quickly. The song itself really isn’t very hard…which is true for most of the songs. Other songs I had some trouble on:

Dead on Arrival:
This was the first song I failed on. Maybe it’s because I really didn’t know this song at all, but it also has a weird pattern that’s pretty fast. I got it on my third or fourth try, scraping by with overdrive.

Foreplay/Long Time:
This song is fun, but the beginning is pretty tough, mostly because of the lack of rebound on the drum pads (haven’t modded yet). There’s a fast “L L R” pattern you need to do, but after that the song is easy.

Next to You:
I forget if I actually failed this song, but it’s definitely hard. Very fast, lots of bass.

Run to the Hills:
Very fast rolls, not very complicated though. The problem was that the pads weren’t registering all the hits, so I failed a few times. On my next try I played really lightly, which helped tremendously, and I passed it. It must have been pretty funny to watch.

In other news, we just got a whole bunch of DLC, including the Metallica pack. I’ll have to see if I can get through Blackened, as that has tons of notes close together. Hyperspeed, please!