New Server!

February 6, 2008 Off By Tommy Gun

You may have noticed CRG has been down for a few weeks, and was a little spotty before that. Well we are now on a completely different, much better host! The old server went down unexpectedly, so some comments were lost, but that’s about it (my backup was about a week old). I also got rid of all the ads!

In other news, my other roommate just bought a PS3, so at some point I might have some PS3 reviews up (though he keeps it in his room, unlike the 360 in our living room). There really aren’t too many PS3 exclusive games I’m interested in playing though — LittleBigPlanet is the main one that comes to mind, and of course a new Twisted Metal if they make one.

Now we just need to get our hands on a Wii, which we’ve been trying to do for a year. We’re all pretty broke at the moment though, so we haven’t been trying that hard.