Rabbit Run: “Project: Snowblind” – Rescue Battle

February 7, 2008 Off By Tommy Gun


Note: This is a Rabbit Run, not a speed run. To understand the difference please read the Rabbit Run FAQ entry.

Scroll down this page for information on this video, this game, and this run. Reading about the game before you watch the video may help you understand it better.

The purpose of this Rabbit Run is not to beat the level as quickly as possible, it’s to show a lot of the cool weapons in the game. I could have played the whole battle with a machine gun, but that’s not interesting.

Showing the controller on the screen was a bit of an experiment. This is NOT something I’m going to do for every video. I just did it in this case because, well, there are a lot of controls for Snowblind, but also because I was using a lot of the controls. The whole point of this run was to show off as many different weapons as I could, so I was constantly switching.

If you think it’s interesting, let me know, and maybe I’ll do it again with another game if it makes sense.

About the controls: It’s possible to bring up a menu to switch weapons, but that pauses the game and really takes you out of the action. The “quick” way of switching is to use the d-pad. UP/DOWN cycles guns, LEFT cycles through Augmentations (things like invisibility, abbreviated as “AUG” below), RIGHT cycles grenades.

See run notes at the bottom of this post. See also: “Project: Snowblind” Review.

Game: Project: Snowblind
Level: Rescue (End battle only)
Developer / Publisher: Crystal Dynamics / Eidos Interactive
Game Released: February 22, 2005
System: Xbox
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
Spoilers: Shows weapons, one battle.
Length of Run: 2:40 min.
Played By: Tommy Gun


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Run Notes:

0:20 – AUG: Ballistic Shield, Frag grenade.

0:28 – To save time, as I’m going up the ramp I switch to Shotgun, Cloak, and EMP grenades for the next section. You can see me use my right index finger to turn, while switching items with my thumb on the d-pad.

0:33 – Two EMP grenades to take out the bot. I didn’t miss on the first throw, they always take two grenades.

0:36 – AUG: Cloak (Invisibility) to run behind the soldiers. You can see me activate it with my right index finger, so I don’t have to move my thumb all the way up.

0:40 – GUN: Shotgun. Firing automatically disables my Cloak.

0:46 – AUG: Reflex Boost (slow time)

0:48 – Gas Grenade to keep them busy while I throw a bunch of Spiderbots.

0:54 – Spiderbots! These little guys will go around killing things for me.

1:00 – GUN: Flechette

1:08 – AUG: Reflex Boost (slow time)

1:14 – Switching weapons while running to get in position for the next section.

1:20 – GUN: Sniper Rifle. This is the ALT fire. What it does is inject the enemies with a virus, so they start killing their own team.

1:31 – Should have fired. I wanted to let them kill each other though.

1:34 – Missed. :( This will hurt me in a bit, because in my other runs I had more enemies up there on my side.

1:43 – Switching weapons while waiting for more enemies. This part was always iffy, and I actually had to restart a few times because it took forever for more guys to come!

1:56 – Here is where I should have had more enemies on my side. Normally they would have killed any last guys, but not this time. So, since I already had my rocket launcher out…I just used that.

2:03 – Gas grenades, GUN: Rocket Launcher.

2:11 – GUN: H.E.R.F. This is the ALT fire, it’s pretty cool. These orbs will stick to walls, and electrocute enemies within range. You can see me fighting against the auto-aim every time someone jumps down, heh.

2:23 – Spiderbots didn’t do their job very well, and there’s an enemy left. But, this lets me use the regular fire of the HERF gun, which is straight-up electrocution.

2:33 – Helicopter comes to pick us up.

3:00 – Yes they do.

3:03 – One last thing. I wanted to show the Nanoboost, so I blew myself up. The Nanoboost revives you, and looks kinda cool.