The Best Rock Band pedal, 5-starred Disturbed Expert Drums

June 18, 2008 Off By Tommy Gun

I haven’t been able to play Rock Band for the last week and a half because our 360 Red Ringed. Luckily, a friend came over today and brought his Xbox, so we swapped HDDs, bought some new songs, and played for a while. I’ve been really wanting to play the MTV pack, and now the new Offspring/Avenged Sevenfold.

I finally decided to just mod the pedal that came with my Yamaha DTXplorer, since I play Rock Band more than Drummania nowadays (and it doesn’t disable the pedal or anything). This is the best Rock Band pedal there is now (click for large):


I tried attaching the sensors under the pedal, like with my last pedal, but the “bounce” of the pedal set it off because it’s too close, which was unplayable. So finally I attached it directly to the beater, which I know other people have tried, and it works perfectly. It goes off right on the beat, and you can do rapid hits and it won’t miss, since the beater has such a large throw. Since it’s from my real set, it has the back which gives great rebound, and it feels soooo nice. Proof that it works as well as I say (no double-bass):



Once we get our new Xbox, I WILL make some videos, I promise!