Kodu Game Lab: Full Game Video Tutorial with Narration! – Generic Wars

August 19, 2009 Off By Tommy Gun
You can download this tutorial as a single divx file from the Downloads page. See my previous Kodu Review if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Learn how to create an entire game from scratch with Kodu! This 4-part video will teach you how to make a Geometry Wars style twin-stick shooter. Kodu is only $5 on the indie games channel on Xbox live.

Part 1

In this part we’ll learn about land tools, and setting up basic character controls.

Part 2

In this part we’ll add walls, some enemies, AI, a path for a wisp. We learn how to use pages, and mess up the programming with a misplaced “random” tile.

Part 3

In this part we’ll program a 60 sec clock on an invisible rock, add music, and bump some enemies.

Part 4

In this final part we’ll add some lights, and put the finishing touches on our game. We learn how to add some text with a keyboard, add glyphs, and mention land types.

You can download the “Generic Wars Tutorial” game from the Kodu servers. Also look for my advanced version called “Generic Wars Infinity.”

Update: This got linked on the Kodu blog! :)