Kodu Game Lab: Full Game Video Tutorial with Narration! – Generic Wars

August 19th, 2009 by Tommy Gun
You can download this tutorial as a single divx file from the Downloads page. See my previous Kodu Review if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Learn how to create an entire game from scratch with Kodu! This 4-part video will teach you how to make a Geometry Wars style twin-stick shooter. Kodu is only $5 on the indie games channel on Xbox live.

Part 1

In this part we’ll learn about land tools, and setting up basic character controls.

Part 2

In this part we’ll add walls, some enemies, AI, a path for a wisp. We learn how to use pages, and mess up the programming with a misplaced “random” tile.

Part 3

In this part we’ll program a 60 sec clock on an invisible rock, add music, and bump some enemies.

Part 4

In this final part we’ll add some lights, and put the finishing touches on our game. We learn how to add some text with a keyboard, add glyphs, and mention land types.

You can download the “Generic Wars Tutorial” game from the Kodu servers. Also look for my advanced version called “Generic Wars Infinity.”

Update: This got linked on the Kodu blog! :)


16 Responses to “Kodu Game Lab: Full Game Video Tutorial with Narration! – Generic Wars”

  1. JCat (Tronixweb) says:

    Fantastic work — ! This should help beginners tremendously!

  2. Nikolay says:

    can you tell me from which games are the red character and the yellow platapus like characters from the picture on top ?

  3. Tommy Gun says:

    Nikolay wrote:

    can you tell me from which games are the red character and the yellow platapus like characters from the picture on top ?

    You’re talking about the CRG header image? Which red character? The two yellow guys with the blue cannon thing are from Guru Logic Champ.

  4. Nikolay says:

    yes,about that one.The red thing character with the blue face ?

  5. Tommy Gun says:

    Oh, that’s a drum, from Taiko Drum Master (U.S. title).

  6. Nikolay says:

    Thanks man :) I’ll see those games righ away :)

  7. You put together a really cool set of tutorials. I had no idea this came with Xbox 360 live, thanks for the share. Time to try making a video game!

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  11. Nice tutorial, very handy. thanks

  12. Casey says:

    you mentioned in final version you could launch a weapon that destroyed all the enemy pucks – how did you do that?

  13. Tommy Gun says:

    Sorry for the late reply, but I think it was something like, “when you press the trigger, all red objects die,” and then maybe the same for any other colors. You should be able to download the game on the Kodu servers so you can look at the code yourself.

  14. parth patel says:

    Hey tommy can u please tell me how do i use the compare key that is in score i think i am actualy making a soccer game and i want that after game the team with more points win but i cant do it so can u help me plz or if u have the use of that key in any of your game so can u tell me that game name and i will check it out. thanx if u have faceook can u message me on my email plz

  15. parth patel says:

    and tommy i am making that game on kodu game lab. if you want to check out my game go in http://www.kodugamelab.com/search?query=fifa+soccer and check it out can u plz reply me asap