Green Day: Rock Band achievement progress

November 22nd, 2010 by Tommy Gun

Today I tried for the “get 400,000 points in a single song” achievement in GD:RB. I tried to do it on drums previously, but even on the longest songs (“Jesus of Suburbia”), I couldn’t get more than around 340k. I read online that guitar was maybe the easiest to get it with, so I tried that, even though I’m WAY better at drums than guitar. First try:

177 points away! If I had hit literally ONE more note I would have gotten it! I even FC’d the solo, although I used OD too late, and ended the song with 1/4 full. That would have done it too. So after that I just had to try again, and figured it should be easy since I was ready for a few parts that I messed up during the sightread:


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2 Responses to “Green Day: Rock Band achievement progress”

  1. Jeff Atwood says:

    Awesome, I didn’t even attempt this achievement.

    I wanted to give you a shout out for your amazing calibration video on youtube.. I kinda tried to paraphrase it here on

    It seems Rock Band 3 is WAY more tweaky for calibration than RB2 was, which is a bummer :(

  2. Tommy Gun says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I’ve gotten RB3 calibrated pretty well, although there is definitely a difference in lag with the keyboard vs. drums. So I basically have it “in the middle” so it’s mostly playable for everyone. Once I get the MIDI adapter, I’ll have to see if that screws it up more.