My game Recurrence made the top 20 in IGMC, and won 2nd place on NeoGAF!

October 21, 2014 Off By Tommy Gun

They emailed me the scores for Recurrence in the Indie Game Maker Contest:

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for our delay. The game Recurrence scored quite highly for both judges (15 Presentation, 15 Gameplay, 17 Fun Factor from one judge; 13, 15, 13 from the other). The game did place in the top 20 for one judge and the top 30 for the other judge. Thanks for your participation and best of luck in the future!

Not too bad, considering there were 800 entries! I also found out last month that I came in second place in the NeoGAF RPG Maker contest! You can download Recurrence for free.