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Some Thoughts on TimeShift

I had been looking forward to TimeShift for a while, but getting closer to release my excitement had been waning a bit. People sounded a bit unimpressed, the time powers weren’t really as interesting as they first seemed, and the delays meant it was no longer as groundbreaking as it may have been. I was…

By Tommy Gun November 18, 2007 Off

Elite Beat Agents song list revealed!

We don’t normally post news items here, but since we run one of the largest Ouendan fansites, we just had to comment. It’s finally here, via Wired’s Game|Life, the Elite Beat Agents song list: Walkie Talkie Man – Steriogram ABC – Jackson Five Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne I Was Born to Love You –…

By Tommy Gun October 17, 2006 Off

The best Game Boy cartridge case mod

Okay, let’s be realistic here — we’ve grown up. We all have fond memories of playing bulky gray Game Boys when we were supposed to be doing homework, or getting that sexy new Game Boy Pocket in the killer ice blue limited edition color. Maybe you still play it, maybe you sold it off when…

By Tommy Gun August 8, 2006 Off

Stop making me Crazy.

I shop at used game stores a lot. The GameStop near me has been having “buy 2 get 1 free” since December, so I’ve been buying tons of games. The thing is, I always feel like they’re judging me every time I buy something (usually many things). I’ll get comments like, “Oh, well at least…

By Tommy Gun June 27, 2006 Off