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Random things that happen to us in the real world, replies to comments or emails, and so on.

Well I feel like an idiot. Comments approved!

This site gets so much spam (don’t they all?), that I really don’t bother checking the “marked as spam” comments (I have yet to see a false-positive in there). I have the site configured to email me whenever a real comment gets held for moderation, but for some reason, it stopped emailing me months ago!…

By Tommy Gun September 22, 2008 Off

New Server!

You may have noticed CRG has been down for a few weeks, and was a little spotty before that. Well we are now on a completely different, much better host! The old server went down unexpectedly, so some comments were lost, but that’s about it (my backup was about a week old). I also got…

By Tommy Gun February 6, 2008 Off


I finally beat the last Expert drum song. I would have done it much sooner, but the final song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” has tons of bass notes towards the end (plus we’ve been playing TONS of BWT mode). If I had a real bass pedal, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all, but…

By Tommy Gun December 28, 2007 Off