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Frogger: The Later Years (image)

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I made this image for a random online game, but since it’s very game related I figured I’d post it here. I made it in response to this caption:

It might be entertaining for the video game fans, but all those hours spent trying to cross the road to get home have left frogger extremely sleep deprived, and exhausted when he gets up for work in the morning.


Rock Band: 5-starred Blackened! (expert drums)

Friday, June 27th, 2008


I really didn’t expect to do that; I guess it’s all thanks to my new pedal. I still need work on Kool Thing, Hammerhead, The Perfect Drug, and a few others. I added some of my high scores to ScoreHero, and will add more later.

I’ve also been trying to raise my career score, and have almost broken the top 500 on the 360 leaderboards. I’ve been reading about the best overdrive paths to use, so I just thought I’d let everyone know:

Public Service Announcement

The Best Rock Band pedal, 5-starred Disturbed Expert Drums

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I haven’t been able to play Rock Band for the last week and a half because our 360 Red Ringed. Luckily, a friend came over today and brought his Xbox, so we swapped HDDs, bought some new songs, and played for a while. I’ve been really wanting to play the MTV pack, and now the new Offspring/Avenged Sevenfold.

I finally decided to just mod the pedal that came with my Yamaha DTXplorer, since I play Rock Band more than Drummania nowadays (and it doesn’t disable the pedal or anything). This is the best Rock Band pedal there is now (click for large):


This picture speaks for itself.

Friday, May 16th, 2008


No, I don’t care about Gold Starring it!

Now that my drums are working almost perfectly, I’m trying to raise some of my scores. I just re-calibrated Rock Band, because it still felt off. I tried harder this time and tested it, and it really felt like it made a difference. I basically have to just guess the settings though, because the “calibration tool” never works.

I five-starred a whole bunch of songs: Dead on Arrival (as you can see. I don’t think I’ve played it since the first month we got RB), Next to You (Yes!), March of the Pigs (although I think I’ve only played that one once before, not a huge NIN fan), and some others. I still haven’t gotten 5 on Run to the Hills, but I’m closer (4 and 3/4?).

I even passed Blinded by Fear for the first time (3 stars), but I played cheaply and purposely missed half of the hi-hat notes. If you just alternate hands (hi-hat, snare) and still hit the bass pedal, it’s not too hard, and you’ll still maintain your health. I don’t think I can physically play that song correctly all the way through, it’s just too fast.

So now I only have a small bunch of 4-stars left (including DLC), and just that one 3-star!

Rock Band Drums: Score Duel TIE! Same 1 note miss! (screenshot)

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Rock BandI have a free month of Xbox Live Gold because I just signed up, so I figured I might as well try to get the online achievements while I can. I’m not really an online gamer for the most part, but it was fun. I was trying to get the “five-in-a-row wins” achievement.

I kept running into the same few people online — because it was late, or not many people play on Hard*, or everyone’s playing Guitar.

* I would play Expert, but the songs are random, and I can’t stand playing “Don’t Fear the Reaper” with its ten billion bass notes in a row.

After playing Shoombabi I think two times, we played again and got “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” This was the final result:

TIE! We both missed the SAME SINGLE NOTE! It wasn’t even an off-beat note or anything! It was almost at the very end of the song (the 986th note, not sure how many there are total). I know I hit it, and he said he hit it too, so what’s up? Either both our drums happened to glitch on us at the same time, or the game glitched. Crazy. Who else has gotten a tie (not counting 100% ties)?

Oh, and I did eventually get the achievement. :)

Update: Regarding the probability of this happening (if it wasn’t just a glitch):

Assuming there are exactly 1000 notes total, for the sake of simplicity, there’s a 1/1000 chance of randomly selecting a “chosen” note. But we BOTH missed the same note, which would be:

1/1000 * 1/1000 = 1 in 1,000,000!

Correction by WildBillKickoff:

Actually, the chances of missing the same note in a scenario like that would be 1 in 1000, assuming you both intentionally missed one random note. You can’t count the first 1 in 1000. It’s one in a million that you would both miss that one exact note.

However, that probability is only if we CHOSE to only miss one note! But we didn’t, we *accidentally* each missed only one note, and it was the same note. We could have missed more notes. So there’s the probability that we each missed one note only, and the probability that it was the same note, and the probability that we were playing against each other when it happened, and…. [insert head spinning emoticon]

Anyway, the point is, it was very unlikely!

Rock Band: Two #1 (in the WORLD*!) Expert drum scores, leaderboards question, Rock Band vs. Drummania.

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Update: see lots of my 100% Rock Band 3 Pro Drum scores in this post.

Rock BandThat’s right, I have two of the HIGHEST ROCK BAND DRUM SCORES in the WORLD*!


Okay, this isn’t nearly as impressive as it sounds, but I’ve gotta milk this for all it’s worth, since this’ll surely last a whole…hour? (day? week?) Actually the first one is pretty good, five gold stars:


Second Life: “Burning Life” going on RIGHT NOW!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Forget everything you’ve heard about Second Life (SL), if you’ve never tried it. Two years ago I joined (and this was back when you had to PAY to join!), after seeing the Burning Life 2004 video (embedded below). Burning Life (BL) is the Second Life version of Burning Man, and it is the reason you should check out SL, right now. The event ends on October 1st, so you still have time, but don’t put it off! It’s free!

CRG mentioned in NGamer magazine! Twice! (scans)

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

A while back KieranMcClung commented that my Donkey Konga video was in NGamer magazine. I finally got some issues, so I took some pics.

NGamer is a fairly new UK Nintendo magazine (and, might I say, a pretty damn cool one. I’d get a subscription if I could). Some months they do a list of the top Nintendo “happenings” around the world. In issue #5 (Jan 2007), they did a top 15, and my konga video got #3:



GameStop’s Business Strategy

Monday, December 18th, 2006

I was at GameStop the other day, and saw something amusing (the yellow “USED” sticker is GameStop’s):

Wii60! Jump into the revolution!

Monday, May 15th, 2006

wii60-av2.jpgJust showing my support for “the cause!”

Okay, it’s not a cause at all, but I love the images and I’m all for the idea of getting a Wii and a 360 instead of a PS3. Of course, nothing says you have to spend $600 on consoles, and nothing says you can’t buy all three — but if you have that much money lying around….