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Podcast #2 – Rock Band Drum Mods (Tommy Gun + Mojo)

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

There are a whole bunch of mods that can be, and should be, done to the Rock Band drums if you’re serious about playing. How do you increase the sensitivity? How do you dampen the noise? What about that crappy bass pedal that always breaks? We discuss all of these things, and the different solutions people have come up with.


00:00 – Introduction, Pad silencers/rebound
03:16 – Rock Band Drumsoft
09:44 – Sensitivity mods
15:22 – Bass Pedals
25:00 – Good Wood Mods

34 minutes, 13.5MB:

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See a quick video of the mods at the bottom of this post, along with links to all things discussed (you might even want to watch the video first so you know what the stuff looks like when you listen). I also posted some score pics below to show my drums are working pretty well.

Podcast #1 – Space Invaders Extreme, Nanostray 2

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

We finally got on the bandwagon! I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had time to make videos or write reviews, but I really wanted to talk about these two DS games. I got my friend Neofletcher to do a podcast with me, since he’s also obsessed with the DS.

Both of these podcasts are very in-depth (i.e., LONG), and we really just did them for fun. We’ll try to make future podcasts shorter. Originally it was going to be a single podcast, but I decided to split it in two because of the length.

See videos for both games at the bottom of this post.

Part 1: Space Invaders Extreme (Tommy Gun + Neofletcher)

This is an update to Space Invaders, similar to what they did with Pac-Man CE on Live Arcade. New enemies, new weapons, and best of all, the whole game thumps to the music (think Rez, Lumines)! As of this recording it’s an import, but it’s coming to the US on June 17th.

20 minutes, 8MB:

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Corrections and Additional Info:
It’s called “Fever Time” not “Frenzy.”

I found out that the bosses in the PSP version are not shrunk down, it actually is a differently shaped field than on the DS, although they remove the borders on the PSP to give it slightly more height than the main PSP levels.

Part 2: Nanostray 2 (Tommy Gun + Neofletcher)

A sequel, this is a very traditional shmup (more so than Nanostray 1). Has D-pad control or touch-screen control.

43 minutes, 17MB:

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