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Totally addicted to Ninjatown (DS)

Ninjatown is a tower defense game for the Nintendo DS, starring a whole bunch of Shawnimals characters. The whole game is absolutely adorable, with great animations, and lots of strategy. I was expecting to be able to play this while listening to music or podcasts, but it’s surprisingly involved. If even one enemy gets through,…

By Tommy Gun March 3, 2009 Off

Review: Guitar Hero World Tour

Why has it taken me this long to post a review for GHWT? Is it because: I didn’t buy it until just now, because I’ve been broke the blistering speed of the new songs melded my hands to the guitar, leaving me unable to use a computer keyboard I’ve been so addicted to GHtunes that…

By Tommy Gun January 6, 2009 Off

Quick “Rock Band 2” Review

Yesterday, I got up and played Rock Band 2 from around 8am until 10pm, with a few breaks to eat. I still have a lot to unlock. My roommates were gone, so I played the whole thing Solo — which is a great new feature. World Tour can be played alone, and since I’m pretty…

By Tommy Gun September 15, 2008 Off

Review: “Project: Snowblind” (Xbox, PS2, PC)

Quick Summary: Project: Snowblind is an FPS that’s essentially Deus Ex 3, but they changed the name and focused more on standard FPS action. It’s a mostly linear game with lots of weapons, and a few “powers” you can use. I loved Deus Ex, but halfway through my save file got corrupted, and I couldn’t…

By Tommy Gun February 7, 2008 Off