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Guest Review: Guitar Hero III

My own quick thoughts on GH3: It’s a solid game. It’s fun, with great songs, but a lot of it is hard for the sake of being hard. The timing window is much bigger, which makes for sloppy playing. You can pretty much just mash the buttons during the solos. Speaking of mashing, that’s basically…

By Tommy Gun December 5, 2007 Off

Some Thoughts on TimeShift

I had been looking forward to TimeShift for a while, but getting closer to release my excitement had been waning a bit. People sounded a bit unimpressed, the time powers weren’t really as interesting as they first seemed, and the delays meant it was no longer as groundbreaking as it may have been. I was…

By Tommy Gun November 18, 2007 Off

Hardware Review: Thylus (DS thumb stylus)

Update: Since posting this review, I created a promo video for Thylus. —— The Thylus is a thumb stylus designed for PDAs, Nintendo DSs, and other touch screen devices. The makers were nice enough to send us a few to test out. We tested them on a DS, DS Lite, and many different games.

By Tommy Gun April 26, 2007 Off

Review: Alice in Wonderland (Game Boy Color)

Note: Please see this post to know why I wrote this. I’ve had the game for a couple days and I already beat it, it’s really short. Still, it’s actually quite good! It’s mostly a platformer, but there are some other things thrown in. For instance, when you fall down the rabbit hole, you have…

By Tommy Gun June 27, 2006 Off