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General site updates, page updates, etc.

Site upgrades!

You may have noticed some changes around the site. I’ve added a “recent comments” section to the sidebar, so you can see what people have been discussing lately, and now there are “related posts” at the bottom of each post, directing you to other points of interest. Categories are now a drop-down menu, to help…

By Tommy Gun December 24, 2008 Off

Well I feel like an idiot. Comments approved!

This site gets so much spam (don’t they all?), that I really don’t bother checking the “marked as spam” comments (I have yet to see a false-positive in there). I have the site configured to email me whenever a real comment gets held for moderation, but for some reason, it stopped emailing me months ago!…

By Tommy Gun September 22, 2008 Off

New Server!

You may have noticed CRG has been down for a few weeks, and was a little spotty before that. Well we are now on a completely different, much better host! The old server went down unexpectedly, so some comments were lost, but that’s about it (my backup was about a week old). I also got…

By Tommy Gun February 6, 2008 Off

Rhythm Tengoku guides! (and: moving!)

Sorry this took so long! I’ve been working on this for a while, and hoped to have it up earlier. I did not write this guide (more info here), but I added screenshots and other images, as well as formatted the whole thing. I think it turned out really great, one of the best guides…

By Tommy Gun January 18, 2007 Off

Elite Beat Agents FAQ — now graphical!

I’ve added a bunch of screenshots to the EBA FAQ, as well as some diagrams! I added some new information, and moved things around a bit. I will probably be adding more later. If there are any screenshots you think should be added, let me know.

By Tommy Gun December 22, 2006 Off

Digidrive FAQ by Zynx!

Zynx has written a guide for Digidrive, complete with screenshots! Digidrive is one of the bit Generations games for the Game Boy Advance (I wrote some guides for Orbital a few months ago). It’s a rather complex puzzle game, so if you’re going for the high score, be sure to read his guide! It’s available…

By Tommy Gun December 7, 2006 Off