Elite Beat Agents Note Chart: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – Sweatin’

December 22nd, 2006 by Tommy Gun

Images and text by Tommy Gun.

elite-beat-agents-125.jpgThis is the perfect example of how a song on Sweatin’ can be, in some ways, harder than the same song on Hard ROCK!. There are a few parts in this song where the hits appear very close together, all at once. Because of the longer time they appear, it can be hard to read the numbers quickly and find the right path in all the confusion. JJF on Hard ROCK! is easier to read because the hits disappear quickly, so only a few are on screen at once.

Here are some note charts for the song. I didn’t do the whole song, but I did what I consider to be the hardest parts (to read). If you’re having trouble with the other parts, you probably just need to practice more overall.

I overlaid a line on each image to show the path you need to follow. Memorizing those lines should help you. I put some extra text descriptions in just so you can see where the images are in relation to the song. Hope this helps, good luck!

Note: The faded hits are the earliest ones in the image.

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Note Chart:

[Phrase Markers / Hits]

Cutscene – “DESTROY THEM!!”

[Phrase Markers / Hits]

Cutscene – “Music LIVES!!”

Blue Hits: 1 – 2 – 3.4.5 – 6.7.8 – 9.10.11

Red Hits: 1 – 2 – 3.4.5 – 6.7.8 – 9.10.11

(the bold 9.10.11 from above are shown below in the image, faded)

[Spin Marker]

(this next one is the same as above, just mirrored)

[Spin Marker]

[Spin Marker]

(careful, this next one is NOT a mirror of the previous one)

[Spin Marker]

[Phrase Markers / Hits]

Cutscene – “HO! HO!”


[Spin Marker]

Cutscene – ENDING