Elite Beat Agents Fan Obsession Page

November 18th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

elite-beat-agents-125.jpgThis page is dedicated to all the minor details fans have noticed in Elite Beat Agents. If you’re absolutely obsessed with the game, this page is for you! This page may contain spoilers!

Phrase Marker Glitch

From FFandMMfan:

What It Does: Makes the edges of the phrase markers appear glitched. Sometimes they will just be without line edges, sometimes the ends will be full size and the center line be tiny, sometimes parts of the edges will be distorted. It varies by how its done. The change is purely cosmetic though, as you can touch outside of the “boundary lines” and not break your combo.

How To Perform It: Go into Multiplayer and select VS Ghost, any song is fine. It DOES NOT matter which one you pick, though an ideal level would be one with lots of Phrase Markers like You’re The Inspiration. Don’t hit any notes and let your ghost beat you down. Eventually, the “Star Power” will light up on their side and cause your notes to shrink. As soon as you find a Phrase Marker during the small-note stage, wait for the ball to begin to cross it, and pause the game. Choose Abort.

Go into Single Player and go to any song you wish. It DOES NOT have to be the same song (Though I’m unsure about having to be the same difficulty) so pick whatever you want. For the remainder of the stage, all Phrase Markers will appear glitched, as explained in “What It Does”.

How To Fix It: There are a few methods to removing this glitch, and all of them are easy.
1. Fail the stage and retry.
2. Exit the stage.
3. Play any other stage (though that falls into #2)

Things That DO NOT Fix it:
1. Pausing and Retrying.

After it is “fixed” you’ll have to go and redo the glitch from step 1 again.

Random Notes:

From FFandMMfan: Little bit of trivia I noticed when I unlocked Kahn. His star on his suit is transparent. You can see Foxx’s hand go through the back of it.

From p0lar_bear:

  • If you get all of the dots in a phrase marker, but don’t follow to the ball all the way to the end of the marker, you will get a 100-point hit, and it doesn’t count as a miss; you will keep your combo count and your Elite-O-Meter won’t take a hit. Useful for parts with quick transitions from phrase markers (ABC or Without a Fight on Sweatin’/Hard ROCK!), but can be a pain if you’re going for an all 300’s run, as you can’t tell if you nailed the marker or not if you don’t look at it.
  • Starr is the only member of the Elite Beat Agents who does not wear glasses over her eyes.
  • Isabella and Norma Carrington make no appearance in story segments of “No More Music!? The Last Hope!!” part 1 (Without a Fight), though they appear in the top screen dancing crowd that follows intermissions.
  • If you look at the top screen dancing crowd in both parts of “No More Music!? The Last Hope!!,” Ken Ozu is wearing his ninja attire and Capt. Brooke is wearing his diving suit, though they are both wearing their two-piece suits in the story segments.
  • In the large crowd in the ending cinematic of “No More Music!? The Last Hope!!” part 2 (Jumpin’ Jack Flash), Leo and Mona Lisa are amongst the crowd, even though they aren’t part of the time period, and they made no appearance in the stage up to that point.
  • Jake Irons, Alden, and Cap White are the only main characters appear that don’t appear in “No More Music!? The Last Hope!!” (including bonus episode characters).

Cameos of the game’s characters across levels:

From p0lar_bear:

“Hey Taxi! To the Hospital, and Hurry!”
Bill Mitchell and his coach appear briefly in the ending scene when you touch down in front of the hospital.
“Magic Meets Madness! The Show Must Go On!!”
Max the cat is the cat Thomas uses for the transformation trick.
“A Pug’s Life! 400 Miles from Home!!”
Isabella and Norma Carrington offer to give Sam a ride if you pass the first segment.

Alden and his mother appear in the second intermission.

“Cry Wolf! Meteorology and Parenting!!”
The mother from “Trio of Mayhem! Love and Boyfriends!!” and her kids appear in the ending scenes.
“Survive! Celebrity Lives and Desert Isles!!”
Colonel Bob makes an appearance and offers his oil fields to the girls in the beginning comic.

Capt. Brooke’s parrot flies by Isabella and Norma when they realize they’re on a deserted island.

“Rags to Riches! Go East, Wildcatter!”
Sam the pug appears whenever you fail to get a Beat during the first segment of the level, and “uses” Colonel Bob as a fire hydrant. :P
“Batter Up! Home Run Hero Makes a Comeback!!”
During the beginning comic, you will see Sam the pug’s owner (Ted) and the blonde-haired boy from “Trio of Mayhem! Love and Boyfriends!!” accompanying the boy that Hulk saves.
“Renaissance Kitchen” (Multiplayer scenario)
Leo appears to be the main judge of the cook-off, but he’s rockin’ a different outfit.
“Universal Idol” (Multiplayer scenario)
Chris Silverscreen, Mr. Fanny, and the lead actress from “Romancing Meowzilla” are the judges that appear during the intermissions.