bit Generations: “Orbital” Mini-Fansite

See note below for information on the diagrams used in the walkthroughs.

Graphical FAQ

Tips and tricks, score calculations, diagrams, and more!

Final Galaxy Walkthrough

Maps of each stage, with information on how to beat them!

About the Diagrams:
The diagrams are labeled in certain ways. White numbers and letters label stars and planets. White numbers are in the order of size, so there may be multiple of the same number. You do not necessarily have to absorb all those planets, they’re there for reference. In the text I refer to them with brackets, like [2]. Please note that [1]s are not usually labeled on the map, because they are blue, and you should be able to find them yourself.

The letters mean:

[Y] Your star
[S] Sun
[M] Moon (the moon is not shown in the diagrams because the screenshot is from the beginning of the stage, before the moon appears. The [M] is exactly where the moon will be.)

In some diagrams I have drawn dotted paths to show where to go. White dots mean drift, red means you should be holding attract, and blue means hold repel. Arrows indicate the direction you’re traveling. In pretty much every stage you can take multiple routes, so these are just suggestions. The yellow letters and light blue numbers are entirely for reference. The letters refer to paths on the diagram, the numbers refer to gravitational fields. I will put these in parentheses, rather than brackets. So if I say “hold attract (2)” it means you will be attracting in the direction of the (2) on the diagram.