“Rhythm Tengoku” (Rhythm Heaven) Mini-Fansite

January 6th, 2007 by Tommy Gun

Menu Translation / Basic Info

Menu screenshots with English text overlaid. Also has basic info about the game.


Stage FAQ 1-4

Tips for mini-games, with a screenshot of each game!

Stage FAQ 5-8

Tips for mini-games, with a screenshot of each game!

About This Guide:

This guide is a collaboration. I (Tommy Gun) wanted to do a Rhythm Tengoku guide, but there was already a really great text FAQ written by William Reyes (punchyout). I asked his permission to repost it here, and said I would format it and add screenshots/images to it, and he agreed. Huge thanks to him!

Special thanks to:

  • “rmk106”, for her excellent translation help in names and descriptions of menus, minigames, songs, drums and other things!
  • “Sketch Tucker”, for info about the Listening and Drumming mode in the Studio option and Perfect Campaigns.
  • Gerda van der Wel, for corrections on minigames info.
  • Nintendo and J.P. Room, for making a great game!
  • You, for reading this guide!