“Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan” Menu Translation

Ouendan.jpgHere are most of the menus with translated text. They are not necessarily literal translations, just the basic idea. These were made with help from TheFreak‘s GameFAQs translation guide. Multiplayer is not included here, and there are some other things in his guide that aren’t listed here, so check that out if you want more. These are just the basics. After you play the game a few times this really won’t be needed, but it was easy to do, and someone requested it, so why not?

Feel free to print this page if you want a physical reference.

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Title Screen

title.jpgHow could I not include this?

Main Menu



options.jpgRankings shows your total points so far, with the rank (aka title) you’ve reached. High Scores is obvious, and uses the same buttons as the difficulty select (see below). Tutorial Transfer sends the tutorial to another DS.

More Options

more-options.jpgNot much here. Hand selection just moves the combo counter to the other side.

Difficulty Select

difficulty-select.jpgThis is the screen after “Single Player.” Select your difficulty level. Hard and Insane (aka Very Hard) need to be unlocked before they appear. An easy way to see which is which is by looking at the flames at the left side. Easy only has one “tail,” Insane has four. Normal is selected in this screenshot. According to Wikipedia, here are the translated names:

Easy – Lighthearted Cheering
Normal – Bold Cheering
Hard Mode – Fierce Cheering
Very Hard Mode – Magnificent Cheering

Song Select

song-select.jpg“OK” isn’t shown until you select a song (touch a person). If you haven’t cleared the song yet, the person will be running back and forth. In this shot they have all been cleared. Drag the map to find more people.

Song Pause

song-pause.jpgHit start in the middle of a song to bring up this screen.

Stage Failed

stage-failed.jpgThis is what happens when you run out of health and fail a stage.

Stage Passed

stage-passed-results.jpgHere is the bottom screen graph when you pass a song. The top screen shows your max combo, grade, score, etc.

The bottom left button is to watch your replay, not play the stage again (some people try playing and then realize it’s just a replay).