RPG Maker VX Ace Tutorials

Here is a playlist of all my RPG Maker VX Ace tutorials so far:

I use a few scripts in my tutorials, as well as some custom tiles that I created (simple cellshading style based off the RTP). The characters are by Mack, but some are recolored or modified.

Tutorial Example Files:

These files are released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

HUD Meter Images – From my “On-Screen HUD Meter Tutorial”

From my How to Create Autotiles Series:
Color-coded Anatomy of an Autotile Diagram | A1 File (water) | A2 File (ground, counter)


Here are some of the scripts I use in the videos, however they are NOT required:

Yanfly’s Core Engine – The Core Engine allows you to run the window at 640×480 (maximum) or lower, as well as some other things.

Yanfly’s Event Window – I LOVE this script. This pops up a window in the bottom left which shows any items or gold you gain or lose. It saves SO MUCH time because you don’t need to add text in manually.

An edit I made clears the data after the window fades out (not just on map change). I really prefer this, because it’s easier to see only what’s new. You simply change this part of the script (the only thing added is the final line before END):

# update_contents_opacity
def update_contents_opacity
return if @visible_counter > 0
return if self.contents_opacity <= 0
self.contents_opacity -= YEA::EVENT_WINDOW::WINDOW_FADE

Yanfly’s System Options – This sets it to dash as default, and instant text. It just speeds up testing.

All of Yanfly’s Scripts – Yanfly has a ton of great scripts, so check them all out here.

Remember Event Position – Shaz’s great script that lets you save the position of an event, so it doesn’t reset when you leave/re-enter the map.


Guide Plug-in: I previously recommended http://guideguide.me/ for Photoshop, but it’s no longer free. There are other free options available, like http://gelobi.org/griddify/

Script Call Reference – code snippets that match basic event functions

How to exclude the RTP data (or only include what you use) to reduce the filesize.