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More Fake GameStop Taglines

When I was writing how to fix GameStop, I had to find their tagline font so I could make the first “pre-order” image (above). Since I had it all set up, I figured I might as well make some more images. Feel free to use these on forums and other blogs.

By Tommy Gun October 26, 2011 Off

How to Fix GameStop.com

In my last post I exposed GameStop’s wish list lies. Now it’s time to fix GameStop.com, so let me outline my proposal step-by-step — but first, I’ll fix those stupid mismatching icons: There. That took me five damn minutes, GameStop. I would be happy to send you those graphics if you’d like. Okay, so now…

By Tommy Gun October 5, 2011 Off

Stop making me Crazy.

I shop at used game stores a lot. The GameStop near me has been having “buy 2 get 1 free” since December, so I’ve been buying tons of games. The thing is, I always feel like they’re judging me every time I buy something (usually many things). I’ll get comments like, “Oh, well at least…

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