Nintendo bit Generations games originally to be two per cart?

August 20th, 2006 by Tommy Gun

While a lot of people love the new Nintendo bit Generations games for the GBA, many people (myself included) think they’re priced a little too high. Why couldn’t they put a few on one cart, and/or all of them on one DS cart, and sell it at full price? Well I’ve been messing around with the save files, and found something interesting — there is a second section in most of the save files for a second game:

(CART: Second save file)


Dial Hex: NEO (as in “Neo-Pong,” the original name for Boundish)

Dotstream: JCVB (not sure what this stands for)

Soundvoyager: COLORIS PROFILE0


This seems to suggest that they were originally going to release these with two games on each cart, but it could be for something else (some type of link-up unlockable, maybe?).

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