September 21st, 2006 by Tommy Gun

These links are being kept on this page because they may change, and it’s nice to have them all in one place. These are for hi-res DivX versions of the videos (640 or 720 res).

Tutorials / Guides:

Description Played By Notes Size Download
Kodu Game Lab – Full Game Tutorial with Narration! – Generic Wars Tommy Gun Info Page 408MB Site #1
Kodu Game Lab – 3 Keys Tutorial Tommy Gun Info Page 45MB Site #1
Kodu Game Lab – The Popcorn Popper Tommy Gun Info Page 41MB Site #1
Tommy Gun’s Rock Band 2 Manual Calibration Guide (papercraft) Tommy Gun Info Page 62MB Site #1


Title Played By Notes Size Download
Rock Band Expert Drum videos (many videos available, see directory) Tommy Gun Info Page Directory
Karaoke Revolution video: “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” EXPERT Amber Info Page 43MB Site #1
Donkey Konga: Four full combos in 4-player mode — by myself! (Pokemon Theme) Tommy Gun Info Page 38MB Site #1
Guitar Hero Playing Positions Tommy Gun Info Page 69MB Site #1
Guitar Hero II demo – Strutter (expert) with fingering! Tommy Gun Info Page 56MB Site #1

Rabbit Runs:

Game – Level Played By Notes Size Download
“Project: Snowblind” – Rescue Battle Tommy Gun Info Page 37MB Site #1
Marc Ecko’s Getting Up – New Radius Freeway Tommy Gun Info Page 84MB Site #1
Far Cry Instincts – Cliffs Tommy Gun Info Page 140MB Site #1

Other Gameplay:

Description Played By Notes Size Download
“Project: Snowblind” – Intro Tommy Gun Info Page 86MB Site #1

Other Stuff:

Description Size Download
Weezer – The Blue Album (DTX Files, for DrumMania) 24MB Site #1
Rock Band 2 Gold Star Career Score – Drums [.xls] (by G_tarRoCK3R) tiny Site #1